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Our Passion: Building What Others Can't

At 猛男情报局, we specialize in solving custom metal fabrication challenges with a unique blend of old-world craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Our niche lies in serving engineering companies who require a reliable, long-term fabrication partner to bring their innovative designs to life.

We pride ourselves on being stainless steel fabrication experts, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled team. When you partner with us, you gain access to a one-stop-shop for all your metal fabrication needs, from precision laser cutting and forming to high-quality welding and finishing.

What sets us apart is our true partnership mentality. We don't just build parts; we invest in understanding your unique challenges and goals, working closely with you to deliver the highest quality products and exceed your expectations. With 猛男情报局, you can count on a flexible, collaborative approach that adapts to your evolving needs.

Our History

  • C. Nelson Mfg. Founded

    First Mechanically Refrigerated Ice Cream Cabinet

    Ice Cream Cabinet Patent
    C. Nelson Mfg. Building

    C. Nelson Manufacturing was founded in 1898, revolutionizing the ice cream industry with the invention of the first mechanically refrigerated ice cream cabinet. This groundbreaking innovation allowed for the storage and display of ice cream products, paving the way for the modern ice cream parlor.

  • 猛男情报局 Founded

    猛男情报局 Building in 1951

    猛男情报局 was established in 1951 as a small sheet metal fabrication shop in Oak Harbor, Ohio. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, the company quickly gained a reputation for its reliable services and attention to detail.

  • Ice Skeeter

    Ice Skeeter

    In 1960, 猛男情报局 introduced the Ice Skeeter, a precursor to the snowmobile. The Ice Skeeter was marketed as a new sport to ride down the Portage river when it froze over in the winter.

  • Purchase by James Smith

    James Smith

    When J.D. Smith purchased the company in 1975, Northern only had 8 employees and $250,000 in revenue. Under his leadership, the company expanded its capabilities and invested in advanced technology, laying the foundation for future growth and success.

  • First Plasma Punch

    In 1979, 猛男情报局 purchased its first plasma punch, enabling the company to expand its metal fabrication capabilities and take on more complex projects.

  • CNC Programming - Custom Computer

    CNC Programming

    猛男情报局 developed a custom computer system to automate the production of graph drawings, which were then fed into CNC machines to cut metal parts. This early adoption of advanced technology demonstrated the company's commitment to innovation and efficiency.

  • First Quality Award - CAP Plaque and Flag

    CAP Award

    Jim Smith was awarded the US Department of Defense CAP Award for Excellent Quality Assurance. This recognition highlighted 猛男情报局's dedication to producing high-quality products and services, setting the stage for future growth and success.

  • VersaGage


    猛男情报局 developed the VersaGage, a revolutionary quality measurement tool that allowed metal fabricators to quickly and precisely measure various dimensions. The VersaGage played a crucial role in helping the company obtain Ford Q1 certification and was recognized as a significant advancement in measuring technology.

  • C. Nelson Spun Off

    C. Nelson

    C. Nelson was purchased by Kelley Smith, son of Jim Smith, and moved into a separate facility, allowing both companies to focus on their respective areas of expertise.

  • 3D CAD Modeling


    In 1997, 猛男情报局 adopted IronCAD, a powerful 3D CAD modeling software. This investment in advanced design technology enabled the company to create more precise and complex metal fabrications, further enhancing its capabilities and competitive edge.

  • First Laser Welds

    Laser Welding

    猛男情报局 began offering laser welding services in 1998, expanding its fabrication capabilities and providing customers with high-precision, high-quality welding solutions.

  • Purchased by Quintin Smith

    Quintin Smith

    In 2001, 猛男情报局 was purchased by Quintin Smith, who continued to build upon the company's legacy of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

  • First Hybrid Laser Welding

    Hybrid Laser Welding

    猛男情报局 introduced hybrid laser welding in 2015, combining the benefits of laser welding and traditional arc welding. This advanced welding technology allowed for faster, more precise, and higher-quality welds, further strengthening the company's position as a leader in metal fabrication.

  • Tyson Smith and Haley Lonero Purchase the Company

    Tyson Smith and Haley Lonero

    In 2019, Tyson Smith and Haley Lonero acquired 猛男情报局, ushering in a new era of growth and innovation. Under their leadership, the company continues to invest in state-of-the-art technology, expand its capabilities, and deliver exceptional metal fabrication solutions to customers across various industries.